Things to know about the different types of dances

Dance is one of the most important part of our lives and culture. It is one art that every one appreciate. There are number of dances that we can learn. Every dance type is different from other dance. Every culture and every country has their own dances which represent their culture and traditions.  But some dances are internationally famous such as ballet dance, hip hop, break dance, tap dance, kabuki dance; salsa is the most famous dance in the world, tango, swing and many more dances. Hip hop dance in Dubai is very famous and here are so many schools who are providing hip hop classes in Dubai.

There so many types of dances in India and as well as all over the world. And this name of dances and styles will help you choose your favrioute one.

Ballet dance

This dance is one of the most famous dances in the world and getting more popular in the world. This dance is referred to the backbone of different types dance forms. It is very interesting dance and in this dance ballet looks amazing and elegant. To do ballet dance you have to be very disciplined and well trained in this dance. You need dedication to learn this dance. One thing that ballet dancer have common is the beauty and love. This type of dance style can learn both men and women.

Kathak dance

It is typically belongs to India. This dance is related to north India and it is most famous dance in India even you can see dancing Indian women in Indian movies. Kathatk is very beautiful dance style. North Indian is known for the foundation of this dance form.

Break dance

This dance is also known as street dance. It was originated by Puerto Rican. This dance form has major four movements, down rock. Toprock, power moves and freezes. This is very modern kind of dance and it involves abstract body steps that can or cannot be

Convey anything.


it is pure western dance and one of the most famous dance style in the world. Almost everyone knows about this dance and try to perform this dance. This dance was originated in New York due to strong influences from Latin America. Arms are used in this dance to lead dancers communicate with the followers. In this type of dance the major movements are done by the lower part of the body that is the hips, the legs and body.