Facts of Smoking

Smoking has been around us from the beginning of time and from that time not only smoking has changed but the facts about have been changing ever since then. The facts that you will be reading, mostly will be the drawbacks but still it is important that you know about them for knowledge or may be some of the facts will want to smoke less. And one of the many facts is that smoking kills a lot of people, you must be wondering that this is old news but according to new stats released from the World Health Organization that only in America every 1 person out of 5 dies due to smoking. 

This means that more than 50,000 people die each year due to smoking disregarding the age because passive smoker can face death at any time. You must have heard that smoking causes cancer and you think that you have been smoking since forever and you haven’t got it yet. But the fact is that cancer builds slowly, yes that is a fact that some people never develop it and they die due to different reasons. But those are the people who have a strong immunity system and they have a healthy diet but if you are a person who gets cold easily and you feel weak, then you are prone to have cancer as compared to those people who don’t develop it. This is because a single cigarette contains 4,800 chemicals and 69 chemicals in that one cigarette are the chemicals that have cancer in it. You can open a vape juice shop in Dubai.

Another stat provided by different sources that the cigarette is most consumed in the United States and that is because at least there are 4,000 new smokers. Which mean that every day there are 4,000 teenagers who are about to try cigarette for the first time and every day 1,000 people smoke at least 10,000 cigarettes a day. Which means the tobacco makes a lot of money from a single person. We can do the math for you, an amateur smoker smokes at least 1,500 worth of dollars in a year and a chain smoker smokes at least 5,000 worth of dollars in a year. And that is why people get sick soon and the health care spend more than 333 billion dollars in a year.

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