Why Go for Invisible Braces?

Amid the arrival of latest social media trends and the latest photo-capturing devices and tools, the need and the urge for looking beautiful and keeping an impressive personality has already reached its all-time peak. Young girls and boys as well as adults and even kids and old people all take their smile-filled selfies in a routine and post them on social media. However, things become a bit nervy when someone posts a comment about how your teeth don’t go well with your beautiful smile. The urge to look great has rapidly increased the need for perfect solutions to maintain a great smile which always augments the overall personality like nothing else can. Such an efficient tool is Invisalign or invisible braces in Dubai, which have helped the people with crooked and unbalanced teeth with a new lifeline to flaunt a confident smile and look great among friends and family members.


Let’s take a look at home the Invisalign treatment process works.


  1. First of all, you have to consult your Invisalign dentist and talk about the possibilities of the perfect treatment plan which goes well with your hectic lifestyle. After the initial consultations, the Invisalign dentist takes impressions of your teeth and the images of your smile.
  2. The next stage in the Invisalign treatment is the assessment during which the dentist produces 3D-computerized images of your teeth. This assessment and images give you the right idea about how your smile will look like upon completion of the treatment process. This is where the dentist will start preparing your Invisalign braces.
  3. Once your Invisalign braces are prepared, you’re asked to wear the first set of aligners for around a fortnight. After the initial two weeks, the aligners are exchanged with the following set of aligners in the sequence. During the treatment process, you should see your dentist every four to six weeks so as to make sure that the treatment is proceeding as per the plan.


During the process of Invisalign treatment, the position of your teeth gets straightened step by step. Moreover, the process also allows you to deal better with other dental health issues like tooth erosion or other gum diseases. You can also address the issue of discoloration of your teeth as you can combine tooth whitening with the Invisalign dental treatment. For a Hollywood smile, the dental clinic in Dubai offers great options for the dental patients at affordable rates.