The necessity of ‘green’ transportation

Everyone wants a good quality transport. Because it is the basic need of everyone. Every person has to move from one place to another for various purpose. Some people travel for getting education in the educational institutions, some people travel for jobs, some people travel for fun, some people travel for food, some people travel to explore. There are numerous purposes which cannot be explained over here. All the people need a transport. There are three ways through which people can travel that are by road or land traveling, by sea traveling and by air traveling.

Cars, trucks, trains are the common land transport of the people. There is a very big industry that support the transport industry that is vehicle maintenance industry. You may find some particular car service Dubai provider like German experts car maintenance in Abu Dhabi. Some cars are very expensive one and some cars are inexpensive. But most of the transport are oil based which produces almost twenty three percent gas emission and road transportation produces seventy five percent. So, oil based transportation is very harmful for the world and people of the world. Due to transportation big impact on the world’s pollution, people are trying to find out the ways of avoiding the oil based transport. Many research has been made. These days, hybrid cars are getting popularity in the world. Because in this technology transport takes minimum level of oil, so it produces minimum pollution. In this way, people saves money and save environment up to some extent.

Some countries are playing their role in order to stop pollution by transport, they use bicycle. In this way, people get physical fitness and health and they also save a lot of money. Some companies make research and produce good quality electric bike for people. These bikes are very helpful in avoiding air pollution. Some companies are producing some good quality vehicles like cars, trains, boats etc. which run on the electric. These electric vehicles don’t produce pollution and these are considered as environment friendly transport. Some people are also working on methods of producing electricity without oil. Many countries use wind turbine, solar panels etc. for having electricity without oil. These are called alternate energies. Global warming is the biggest issue for the world. We can save our world by using environment friendly transportation.