Learn from the footsteps of others

There are two types of people in any field one who leads their field with a lot of hard work and dedication in that and there are people who are beginner and want to become successful. If you are a beginner then you should not feel hesitate or awkward in learning through the footsteps of others who are successful. If you want to start an event management company in Abu Dhabi then the best way is to do internship of few months with an experienced event planner or at least you have to see how they work and learn from them through their way of working. You cannot start organizing corporate events in Dubai without having any experience about it. People often prefer to hire experienced people so you should gain some by arranging small events first. You have to go step by step in this field. Here are some things to learn:

Prompt: You have to be prompt in replying to any query which you get through your email or through any other medium. You have to answer your clients as soon as possible to make them feel good and through this you will give them a signal of your seriousness and your attention to the work. By quickly replying you should also make sure that you are providing the satisfying answer so that your client will come back to you. If you provide an irrelevant answer then the client will go to any other planner. So prompt and exact are the two main things in replying to anyone.

Plan in advance: When you get a call or any query then you should have some samples with you according to the requirement at your first meeting. No one will give you the order to plan their event on phone, they come to meet you face by face and to get prepare for that you have to ask on call about a rough idea of what they need and then try to make a blue print of that. In this way you will be successful in winning their heart when they get the blue print also they will the hire you definitely so you should not waste your first query call and ask as much details as you need. But you should make this call too long keep it precise.