5 Car Maintenance Pointers That You Should Add To Your List

As a car owner, you probably know a number of car maintenance tips and pointers that you are already practicing. If you are a good car owner, you probably know how important these maintenance tips on keeping your car running.

But it wouldn’t hurt to add some more pointers to make sure that your car is well taken care off. If you want some more tips, here are some car upkeep pointers that you may want to keep in mind:

  1. Check your mirrors and glass

Some car owners pay less attention to their car glass and mirrors. They think that as long as they see no cracks, these accessories are fine. But you may want to level up your car maintenance by taking good care of your car windows and mirrors. Putting a 3m tinting Dubai would help strengthen your car windows.

  1. Get insured


Some car owners think that car insurance is just a scam. But this can come in handy when you meet an accident or you need to unburden yourself with repairs. Shop around for trusted and reliable car insurance companies that would provide you with the coverage you need in case of car emergencies. Read the stipulations first before inking an agreement with them and make sure that you pay the right premiums so you can make the most out of your car insurance policy.


  1. Log your car’s performance


This might be a little anal-retentive, but it pays that you keep track of your car’s performance. This would help you spot if there is something amiss with your vehicle. You may want to log the dates and the details you noticed so you will have a reference guide you can give the mechanic should you decide to go for repairs.


  1. Know the proper storage


Car that will not be used for a long period of time needs to be stored properly to avoid engine failure and deterioration. Be sure to know the procedure for proper storage and allot a space where you can keep your car for a long time.


  1. Check your window seals


If you noticed that your car is getting a hot during the long drive, you might be having some problems with your window seals. Check of the window glass seal is still intact. If not, try to repair it with a proper glue or sealant or have them replaced.

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