Pros and Cons of One-Wall and Galley layouts

What kind of kitchen layout would you like to have for your house? When you are preparing for kitchen remodel there is lots of things to consider such as foot track, piping layouts, plumbing, effective storage solution etc. By planning out a new lay out, or by making minor adjustments in your current one, it is possible for you to drastically cut down your costs. Most importantly, this can be done while also working towards transforming your kitchen into your dream kitchen. 

You can also renovate your kitchen by yourself or can get the services from kitchen designers in Dubai. But before remodeling your kitchen you need to choose the design that suite your available space. Nowadays mostly people love to install Italian kitchen designs because these designs are reliable and durable. These styles create reasonable space in your kitchen. In this article we will tell you about some kitchen designs and their Pros and Cons.

There are several kitchen layouts that you can easily choose from, and given below are the Pros and Cons of these styles. 

One Wall

Also known as the pull man, this is one of most famous kitchen style. One Wall kitchen offers everything that you need for your home kitchen. In this style, the addition of a high counter or a basic island can help add more storage as well as space on the counter. But here are some Pros and Cons that you need to know.


  • This style offers amazing space saving options, which makes it best for small flats or lofts.
  • This style provides you a minimal look considering that everything is in a row.
  • It is also possible for you to add a table or can install an island to increase counter space and storage.


  • It depends on size of space. One wall cannot leave ample space for many people to wash dishes, prep food or socialize.
  • It is not so much popular and also can decrease the home value without added island for more counter space.


If you really want to feel what it is like to live on a boat, then this option is best for you. This particular kitchen is made up of two wall or countertops that stand opposite each other and have a walkway in between.


  • Ample space is possible and it is easy to access a range of countertops and storage spaces.
  • You do not have to worry about expensive corner cabinets.


  • It has a thin width walkway, which means that there isn’t much space. Hence, this option is not great for multiple cooks and socializing.